allograph (different shape but same meaning)
connotation as a character part
abbreviated, abbreviation
contracted, contraction
extended meaning
kanji, ideograph, character
literal translation from the Shuowen Jiezi
modified, modification
mijn hanzi, modification
opposite meaning or situation
when used as a character part
explanation according to Richard Sears (
one of the 214 radicals in the traditional character classification system
situation chosen for evoking this meaning
suffix for counting units of objects, etc.
Unclassified by Joseph De Roo.


Referenced characters

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𠆢𠆢RSroof, house
RS𣖇𥄂straight, erect, vertical one can do something secretly in a corner 𠃊 but when ten eyes are watching, one has to be straight and honest ; ; ; ;
RS𠙻king, ruler, royal, surname
  • orig. person stretching from earth till heaven
  • a king is symbolized by his crown or person sitting on his throne 𠙻
; 3142-3172;
RS𠃊corner, hidden, mysterious, secret, to conceal, small, minute
  • something hidden in a corner or
  • con. man kneeling
RS𥬖𠰎skin, hide, fur, feather, outer, rad. 107RS. hand with a rock stripping the skin (protection) from an animal; ; ;
expand, enlarge, stretchhand making something broader /广/
𤰔monopolize, take sole possession, concentrate, focus, special
  • one small individual taking all food from the field
  • hand working concentrated with a spindle 𤰔
  • /hand working focused with a spindle to transfer all thread to the loom
  • one small owner owning many fields in the region: he's monopolised agriculture in the region
𢏽do, handle, govern, act, beRS. and lit. hand feeding an elephant :
RS𠄞above, up, top, superior, highest, go up, send up something above the ground : 𠄞 → stake standing above the ground ;
RS𠄟under, underneath, below, down, inferior, bring down something below the ground : 𠄟 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
RSscroll, curl, make a comebackthreads of a scroll ; RS. a man sorting with the hands (𠔉) - bamboo book slips: chapters
𥳑simple, terse, succinct, lettergate made of bamboo : simple structure made in brief time; letter made of slips of bamboo with space between
RS𣅣𣅋𤽋beans, peas, bean-shaped steamer with a lid : used for cooking beans
RSyear, new-years, person's agea tree / may live a thousand years: ; ;
RS𣅌purpose, aim, excellent, tasty, deliciousa man's mouth can tell what the purpose is and has excellent taste as well; ; ;
country, rural, village
speak, say, talk, scold, explanation, rumor
  • money speaks boldest; it is usually the explanation for many actions of the mouth
  • many brothers defending their family verbally
poetry, poem, verse, ode
  • spoken words at the temple : most religious texts are written in verses
  • spoken words which stop now and then: verses
RS𡳾grass, plants, rad. 140
  • shooting grass
  • con.: vegetables
𡿱streams running underground, flowing water
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