allograph (different shape but same meaning)
connotation as a character part
abbreviated, abbreviation
contracted, contraction
extended meaning
kanji, ideograph, character
literal translation from the Shuowen Jiezi
modified, modification
mijn hanzi, modification
opposite meaning or situation
when used as a character part
explanation according to Richard Sears (
one of the 214 radicals in the traditional character classification system
situation chosen for evoking this meaning
suffix for counting units of objects, etc.
Unclassified by Joseph De Roo.


Referenced characters

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RS𦝙formerly, ancient, in beginning
  • something left to hang drying in the sun
  • 𦝙: adds meat
𣄼 ;
𠊊𩚃eat, meal, food, rad. 184 ; ; al. 飠: 2844-2877; : ; : ;
hear, smell, make known, news
  • listen intently with the ear while standing at the gate of their house: news gets spread easily
  • at dusk one has to use his ears much more than in broad daylight
RS𠈧service, duty, military service, a servant, laborer, to servein military service one serves one's duty by walking a lot and using one's weapon
RS𢎥weak, fragile, delicatetwo feathers 𢎥: : the most fragile and delicate part of a bird
RS𦘒writing brush, pencil; thereupon, rad. 129 hand with a brush : → writing one line : → writing two lines: ; ; also: 𦘒
RS𡈼scholar, gentleman, soldier, samurai
  • modf. big man standing on the ground : samurai with hands spread, barring the way
  • con. professional
  • good professional man : 𡈼
; ; 1442-1477; ;
RS𨕼𨕩𨕪see off, send off, dispatch, givesend something to go over the frontier
RS𣱵long, perpetual, eternal, foreverman crossing a large body of water : it seems like ages before he reaches the other side; water with cover : old aquifer with water that has been there forever 𣱵 ;
RSclaw, nail, talon, animal feet, rad. 87claw
RS𡖄out, outside, external, foreign to read the heavenly sign the fortune teller has to go outside; old variant 𡖄: from and 𠁡 ; ;
RS𠁡fortune telling, prophesy lit. burned turtle shells were used by fortune tellers. After burning cracks 𠁡 appeared from which the fortune was told
RS𠂖young brother, junior, I, me
  • young fellow running and playing around
  • fellow shooting arrows with his bow
place, locale, department, dispose, sentence, punish
  • RS. the sound of the tiger / as it stands up and walks around from it's resting place (sentenced to life in a zoo)
  • /person standing up from his place and walking and dispose of something (sentenced to life in prison)
RS𦣹self, private, personal, fromRS. head with a nose : point to the nose to indicate oneself ; ; ;
RSthornsthorns on a tree
RStiger, rad. 141head of a tiger (with legs )
西西RSwest, western, westward, occident, rad. 146
  • lit.: bird (animal with high legs ) sitting on top of a nest : 西: it is evening, the sun sets in the west
  • head of a child
; ; ; al. 覀: ;
single, individual, only, lonea single cicada
𠤐𠔊𠑻𨱗𠑿 long, length, excel in, leader, grow, rad. 168 long hair growing: ; ; ; ; ; al. 镸:
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