allograph (different shape but same meaning)
connotation as a character part
abbreviated, abbreviation
contracted, contraction
extended meaning
kanji, ideograph, character
literal translation from the Shuowen Jiezi
modified, modification
mijn hanzi, modification
opposite meaning or situation
when used as a character part
explanation according to Richard Sears (
one of the 214 radicals in the traditional character classification system
situation chosen for evoking this meaning
suffix for counting units of objects, etc.
Unclassified by Joseph De Roo.
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happy, glad, enjoyable, music
  • instrument with a white center on a stand made of wood and hung on strings ; everybody is happy when they hear music
  • drum on a stand
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RSchief, count, earl, uncle, Brazilperson with white hair
RS𤽽𤾕change, replace, substitute for
  • RS. a man talking for the other
  • two men looking the same under the sun : they can replace each other
RSfear, be afraid of, apprehensivemakes the mind go blank
RSall, every, everybodypersons eating a meal comparing and discussing all that is under the sun
RSsilks, fabrics, wealth, propertywhite fabric : expensive silk: a sign of wealth
RSbright, luminous, clear, hoarysomething bright and clear can be easily announced to be white
RSone hundred, numerous, many one handful of rice consists of hundred grains 宿
practice, flapping wings, learn practice to learn flying with feathers towards the sun /
RScountenance, appearanceRS. white face of a person
RSswamp, shoreRS. light which is growing /𠦂 (on the banks near the water )
RSto shine, to light, ancient musical instrumentRS. to put out white light ; instrument with a bright sound
RSroyal, imperial, ruler, superiorwhite clad king
RSamberprecious stone which has the colour of rice husks
RScypress, oaktree from which white resin is won: cypress
RScoerce, force, compel, urgentmake something go in to the clear : force
RSclap, tap, beat, beat or rhythm
  • hand slapping a part of the body: it becomes white first (then it becomes red and breaks )
  • beat the egg white with the hand
RSlarge, ocean-going vessel, linerboat seeing white waves at sea: large ocean-going vessel
RSspring, fountain, wealth, money pure water ; source of money and wealth ;
RSkernel, seed, enjoy, feast seeds of rice eaten with a spoon at a feast
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