allograph (different shape but same meaning)
connotation as a character part
abbreviated, abbreviation
contracted, contraction
extended meaning
kanji, ideograph, character
literal translation from the Shuowen Jiezi
modified, modification
mijn hanzi, modification
opposite meaning or situation
when used as a character part
explanation according to Richard Sears (
one of the 214 radicals in the traditional character classification system
situation chosen for evoking this meaning
suffix for counting units of objects, etc.
Unclassified by Joseph De Roo.
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RSto be able, can, permitted to, ability, Noh
  • many individual people together are able to do great things; one needs many abilities to perform on stage
  • RS. A bear with four feet and meat in its mouth:
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RSit,that, this, otherman under a roof : everything is his: this, that and other things
RSBuddhist nun; transliteration old individual looking like a corpse eating with a spoon because all teeth are gone
RS𠤎spoon, ladle, knife, dirk, man the top can hold something like a spoon; man (bowing): ; al. 𠤎 𠤕
think, self-examination, to make
  • people brought together to think about books
  • /two persons thinking of each other
RS𠄰𠈣 𦒳𦒴𪀧old, aged, experienced, rad. 125
  • person eating with spoon (having no teeth) food he has cut from the fields (therefore his back is bent )
  • RS. old man with long hair leaning on a cane
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RSall, every, everybodypersons eating a meal comparing and discussing all that is under the sun
𡔹𡔾𡕄𡕋𡕌 𡕍𡘵one, singlea wise man only uses one cup /spoon from a vast amount
  • con.: several
  • do not confuse with 𠤎:
  • inverted written 7
RSdoubt, question, suspect
  • RS. left side hand and cane right side old man with mouth asking direction : he's in doubt
  • going back and forth trying to sell (bowing to customers, being threatened by arrows ) a roll of cloth : doubt begins to bite: will I ever sell this roll?
𤲃 𧫤end, finish, conclude, completed
  • RS. a net on the end of a forked stick for catching small animals : complete
  • /something like 20 (10 x 2 ) spoons: complete net
RSlofty, high, raise, high-pricedRS. man standing and man kneeling
time, about, toward, inclineRS. a man leaning his head : incline; only for a short time
RS𣅌purpose, aim, excellent, tasty, deliciousa man's mouth can tell what the purpose is and has excellent taste as well; ; ;
RSthis, these, in this case, then stop eating to look at something
RSlittle, few, rather, somewhat a man stops walking after only two paces
RSfragrance, smellwhat comes out of the open mouth of a man (offspring of the mouth )
RShairpin, clasp, wear in hairRS. man blowing to the right; lit. man with a spoon in his hair
RSspoondefinitely a spoon
goods, commodities, productspersons converting money in products
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